The European Migration Network (EMN)


The European Commission published a proposal in August 2007 for a Council Decision establishing a legal basis for the European Migration Network. This Council Decision 2008/381/EC was adopted on 14 May 2008.


The objective of the European Migration Network is to meet the information needs of Community institutions and of Member States’ authorities and institutions by providing up-to-date, objective, reliable and comparable information on migration and asylum, with a view to supporting policymaking in the European Union in these areas. The EMN also serves to provide the general public with such information.


The European Commission coordinates the EMN, in cooperation with National Contact Points (EMN NCPs) appointed in each Member State plus Norway, who, in turn, develop a national network consisting of a wide range of entities representing all relevant stakeholders. EMN NCPs, which have been designated by their Member State government, consist primarily of Ministries of Interior and of Justice; plus research institutes; Non-Governmental Organisations; and a national office of an International Organisation. A Steering Board, chaired by the European Commission and consisting of one representative from each Member State and Norway, plus from the European Parliament, provides political guidance on the activities of the EMN.